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Emojifi helps you quickly find emojis, stickers, and GIFs, by providing live suggestions based on what you type.





Emojifi is easy and safe to use


No need to get used to a new keyboard!!! Use your existing keyboard to get live suggestions of emojis and stickers (on Android)


Emojifi ensures users privacy. Emojifi does not collect any chat content. Its all safe on your own phone.



Mobile messaging is the next evolution of social media. Emojifi allows brands, celebs, movies, universities to enter and be part of chatting and messaging environment by providing access to the 250 billion+ messages sent per day.


Our Sticker/GIF Platform



Whether you're a celebrity, superstar you get to interact with your fans using customized stickers and GIFs.

Users get to download and share their favorite celebs such as SUNNY LEONE across all chat platforms.

Branded Content

Get your brand's Stickers and GIFs shared on every chat platform using Emojifi's innovative technolgy.

Emojifi empowered Swiggy to interact with their customers through customized stickers for the first time in India.


Emojifi empowers universities and colleges to enhance connection and invoke nostalgia in their students and alumni through customized sticker/GIF content.

BITS-PILANI students get to interact and share memories with friends or college mates in a personalized way like never before


Emojifi In The News


Emojifi suggests emoji as you type, based on tags. Emojifi lets you forego keyboard switching, in favor of its pop up “Emoji bar” which will offer suggestions as you type.

Use your default keyboard - Emojifi provides emoji suggestions using your existing keyboard without the pain of switching to an emoji keyboard

Having partnered with Sunny Leone and Swiggy, Emojifi is going after India's ‘sticker economy’


Want To Create?


Are you creative and love designing stickers?
Get in touch with us and you may post your stickers on our store and get paid for it.

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